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Once Upon a Time There Lived Tow Sisters [true story ] [image source google]

After  Neena left  Sara felt   peace as one feels after passing the storm.   She felt  the peace of  a person  who  saw the things clearly  after  removing the fog from front of  his  eyes  for so long .   Now  She found herself free from abusive behavior of  her little sister which was constantly testing her patience .The distance  that  came between her and Robin when Neena was here start  reducing  gradually .

Sara  could feel the ease  as  her  contracted  soul was trying to spread its wings  joyfully.Wings that had  been  stuck under the  painful burden of  unknown fears  .Her soul was ready  to  throw them away.  

But still being a girl she felt hard to step forward first  towards her husband .This hesitation was product of  her society in which she was brought up  . In her society girls were protected by their parents  . They  were not allowed  to play with boys after a certain age .They have to keep distance from their own cousins.

Their society was  divided into three main parts .One of them was so called religious and extremest  in his life style where mails were  predominating and women were treated by them like slaves  or animals.From  birth to death men control their lives and use their physical  weakness and mental  unconsciousness of their own rights and ignorance for their benefits .

Second group was of middle class where  environment of  life was quite suit able for the natural growth of  women . where they  were allowed to take  decisions  of their life within certain boundaries.

They were able to get education  and even to select their life partner approved by their parents .Still  they have limits .Much exposure  that could harm them was banned .Sara  belonged to to this group ,Though she was a confident girl but hate and fear for men caused  by worse environment provided by her father  built strong walls around her being through which  she could not breath without thinking that men are selfish and unfaithful they don't deserve trust of woman .

But  long and patient wait of Robin proved that he deserves her love and trust .The way Robin survived as  modest man fighting against Neena's  sensational closeness it  rooted his love in Sara's heart so deep.Sara  was waiting for the moment when Robin  hold her hand and she will not pull it back.

 On the other hand  Robin 's patience  was tested  by the awkward  conditions  he was put in by his sister in law often.He was patient and mature so he could stopped himself to make any mistake .Mistake that can scatter thorns in his way to Sara .He prevented himself from felling down where Neena was pulling him so badly.

Robin  wanted Sara to realize his sufferings.Being so close to hir and at the same time so away was a test he thought he will fail in soon.

One  day  he told  Sara that  he  is going to another city to attend an office meeting and will come back  after two days .That was the season of fall and they  were  sitting on the top of  roof of their  house .Sun rays were showering  softly upon the  brown face of earth .It was  Sunday  afternoon .Sara could see the upper branches of  the tree in their yard .Its branches were almost bare there were very few leaves  still hanging with few of them as requesting  to the branches that please dont let us go  hold us  we are the same whom you loved and  be proud over .

While  hearing this Sara  Felt as something is  sinking inside her chest ,She  felt  that right now she is  just like those leaves that are about to depart from the tree .There raised a unheard cry in her heart full of grief and sorrow .And Robin  saw  pearl like tears rolling down her beautiful cheeks .Robin  who was sitting front of her was surprised .He suddenly got up and came near to Sara he sat beside her and hold her hands in his strong warm hands  and asked .What is the matter Sara ? why are you Crying ? Did mom ...but he could not complete his sentence .Sara  said  Is it  possible ? 

what ?Robin  asked as he could not get anything .Can i go with  you Sara asked while her tears were still dropping  fast .Robin could not believe his ears .his heart leaped over but he want to be sure that is this what he got .He did not realized that his hold on Sara's hands became strong .I want to go with you please take me with you ,Sara  said and felt at the same time her heart free and light.

Though it was  an office meeting but Robin in that moment  felt on the top of the world .He could not afford to waste this most precious moment of his life .His eyes were dreamy and heart alcoholic like .At  very this moment he wanted to for get the whole world including his job. He decided  that he will take Sara along go to the same city but will not attend any meeting .He will spend each single moment of these two days with Sara .

He  could not hug Sara because they were on the roof and many other people were also far and near on their roofs According to their culture husband can touch  his wife only in privacy not front of others .But he told  Sara that ofcourse she can go with him he removed tears from her cheeks and it was first time that Sara did not object on his this move .They both got downstairs  with having peace in their hearts .They  got in their room and Sara prepared  luggage for the journey .

Robin  informed her mother about this and Helda felt as she want to kill Sara immediately .In this house it never happened before that any of her son gave as importance to his wife .I will not let her do this Helda thought  crucially she will have to pay for this sin.Helda felt hard to hid her feeling of anger that moment. 

It was  pretty freezing night  of  December  when Robin and Sara  left for Karachi.They sat  in the train compartment where already a couple was sitting.They both were quite healthy and of friendly nature .But robin and Sara both were walking in world of their dreams they were unable to see their surroundings .Their hearts were  pulling them towards each other .They wanted to be alone to share their beings with each other.Each moment were long as century .they both did not lay down whole night because to do so they had to move little  away from each other and they could not bear this .

They passed whole journey sitting beside each other ,when they felt sleepy Robin put his back  against the seat and closed his eyes he asked Sara to lay down on the seat and put her head in his lap.Thought Sara did not wanted to lay while Robin was sitting but just to feel  the touch of his warm lap she laid down and  fell  asleep like a child who finds peace in his mother's lap.

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Once Upon a Time There Lived Two Sisters true story { Image source google images }

Neena   was  very  fun loving person and that made her  popular among Sara's in laws.But  it did not  upset Sara  .She was   gradually  feeling a soft corner  deep inside her heart  for Robin but these feelings were hidden and  Robin knew nothing about this change .

After  Neena  came here there were  lots of exciting  gatherings among youngsters of family and they play ludo or chess with  loud laughter  singing and  chats .Sometime  Neena played  badminton with  Robin's younger brother or sister  and while it elders in the house were just look at them furiously because the society they belong to young girls have to behave  in certain  way which had to be  sober sophisticated serious and modest .

Before  their marriage  girls were not allowed to behave so boldly,  they must put on scarf on their head and  avoid  talking to other mails except their own father brothers or close uncles .One thing  was  strange that Helda who was famous for her criticism she  was gentle to Neena and never objected on Neena 's any act .Actually  she  was happy that  Neena  due to her  bold nature can create problems between the relationship of Robin and Sara .And if it was so ,Helda would be the happiest  for she hated Sara for her simple  beauty and humble nature which  attracted  Robin towards her .

Robin and  Sara used to  have their evening tea together  in their room on the  table beside the window, from where  they looked at   the plant rows  and tree .They talked little  while sipping their tea and if there were they were of various topics of common interests  like books and music or  sharing  views on different  aspects of life .Without  mentioning any personal emotion for each other they  enjoyed  these sittings and  secretly wanted them last for  so long.Their  love for  each other was increasing every day but  there was one beerier  between and it was  Sara 's cold reaction on Robin's any personal expression of love.

Since  Neena  came here she  mostly rushed into their  room on such times and  destroyed their  enchanted  spell of silent love .Neena  deliberately often dragged  Robin  out of the room and forced him to  join her  gathering which Sara  used to avoid because  she  was shy and liked to be alone most of  time.

One  day when it was Sunday and Robin was  shaving  front of the mirror attached to the yard's wall while Sara  was  cutting  cabbage sitting  on  wooden board laid down in front yard .Neena was doing her home work on the same board.She  suddenly took her black ballpoint and got near to Sara .
 Neena  took knife  from Sara's hand put it down and started  drawing   lines on Sara's  face .Sara beard her  all  such stupidities and said nothing just because she thought that her words might had hurt Neena as she  is living in her house that is why Sara is  insulting her as she loved her sister so much and never wanted to hurt her .

After  drawing  lines  Neena dragged Sara  towards the mirror where Robin was shaving >Neena was laughing loudly while doing this and  showed  Sara 's her face in mirror and said   "look  how funny she is looking ",Sara  saw her face was messed up .Neena draw mustache ,circle around her eyes and  cheeks .Sara  tried hard to  keep her eyes dried and smiled ,Helda gave laughter from kitchen and same did the Doel ."What  are you thinking about it  Robee ? dont you find it  funny ?"Neena asked Robin who struggled hard to give little laughter .though he said noting and  walked into the bathroom and locked the door .

It was  Sara's maturity that since beginning she beard Neena's  such behavior .She  never objected on her humiliating behaviors  and now when due to hard circumstances Neena was living in her house Sara was more careful thought hurt because she thought that Neena should avoid such foolishness in front of other people.She felt that Neena mostly try to  drive Robin away and  Robin  inevitably join her .But   Inspite of all Sara did not feel insecure   because she believed that it was test for Robin's love .If he fails she will leave this house silently and if he passes she will be his partner for all coming seasons of life.She was not afraid of the beauty  and intelligence of her little sister .

When she was  alone she cried often ,She wanted to be with her husband but boundaries set by her own fears were making it impossible for her.Many nights when she wokeup she wanted to awake and say Robin that  come and sleep beside me on bed but it remained just a feared thought .Often she wanted to hug him when he said goodbye for office but instead of hugging him she suddenly piked up the trey and left room immediately .It was war inside her and she had fear to loose it sometimes.

Helda  realized  distance between Sara and Robin though she did not know the reason but she wanted to  take advantage of this situation and encouraged Neena to  be near with Robin .Neena  hated  their love story when she saw that Robin was completely unimpressed  by her beauty and joined her just to please Sara .She felt  helpless and her hatred  arose in her heart for her sister.Neena always thought of Sara as a just ordinary girl with stupid ideas of life .When she realized that Robin is not responding as she expected she started to make fun of  both husband and wife without thinking of their great efforts for her and her mom .

She  often said in gatherings that these  two fools  are made for each other and both are  of ordinary appearances and of  stupid way of thinking  ,always indulging in What is Good and What is Bad blah blah what a rubbish ..Neena  often said to Sara that your husband is so ugly how do you get so close to him?
Sometime to she tried to make Robin suspicious in the eyes of Sara and asked  her that did you noticed the way Robby was looking at me ? or did you see i asked for one thing and look he brought so many gifts for me ,ahh i know he likes me so much but not allowed to flirt with me  sis as he is very afraid of you she said shamelessly .And in reply Sara always gave a calm smile which  made Neena  more furious .

Neena  lived with them  for two years and this era proved test for their silent but deep love .Neena 's mother who witnessed all silently  because she  knew the level of the patience of Sara  and  disturbing behavior of her little daughter .When Neena finished her matriculation her mother wanted her to get married with some nice boy but Neena had high expectations from life her dreams and desires were  far greater then Sara's.

She  left Sara's house and went to a city near her native  village .She  started to look for job and found one as phone operator in a small  private office .Her mom was very concerned about her attitude because she knew that Neena is going against the rules of her society and tried hard to guide her towards right path but invain.Neena was ready to take flight towards her dream world.

to be continued

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Once Upon a Time There lived two sisters true story part five

It was  January.Days were  cold and nights  were colder . Rains were  spoiling the paint of front yard walls .Sometime when sara looked at walls she found them so tangled  and  scary she thought as if it is her  barren heart with so many  complex conditions.Still she could not find out what is the reason behind her restlessness.

                                                     image source google  including all images below

Sara  and Robin were living like two strangers who travel  in same train sit so close to each other exchange their thoughts   over various topics just to time pass.Robins gentle and calm behavior was still unable to touch Sara's heart  that was felt by Robin .

Sara  controlled her emotions strongly and remain normal and carefree.But  deep inside her heart  something was raising
so tiny as a first tiny leaf comes out from ground grabbing itself out of the shell of strong seed.The day when she sent letter to her mom and sister she faced mixed feeling of peace and anxiety. In the night  when Robin was asleep she looked at him for long ,
she felt as Robin's face  has kind of magnetism which  is attracting her sight so strongly as she was unable to resist  his attraction.For the first time of  her life she felt herself free from the cage of fear
fear of being close to her man .

She  wanted to  lay beside him but what if he awakes ,  and this thought made her chocked and she immediately removed her eyes from Robin's face.She put her hand on her chest and felt the beat fast.She  turned towards the wall side and closed her eyes to get some sleep  but  that night she dreamed all about Robin his  handsome personality his  so attractive smile  his  huge shiny mesmerizing eyes that capture one's heart .

In her dream she lied beside him put hand over his strong chest and slept with a peaceful smile on her face .

Next morning  when she woke up  her dream was floating in her awaken eyes  but  her  thought could not reach Robin.She  made breakfast and they both had it together .There was little talk about  Sara's  mom and sister who were  coming  tomorrow ,Then he left for office .

It was routine that  after  him  Sara  used to  bear the sharp cold eyes and words from her mother in law and  humiliating behavior  in kitchen  when she get near to Sara . But strangely Sara never gave her any importance she was of opinion that  women  limited to houses mostly  are same  they  pity on themselves and instead of doing something to improve or empower they use their energies  in negative way the  make  foolish  plans to take  each other down and don't let go any chance to pull each other's leg .

Though Sara was far younger in age then her  mother in law but  she was far  mature  then her when it  come to  way of thinking and behaving .She never  complained Robin about it and she felt that  because of it her M in law was getting more crazy.Good thing was that she was  quite normal in front of Robin  and Sara was  fine with it without knowing that some day she will blast  finally.

Next day  Sara  's mom and sister  arrived ,Her mom seemed terrible though Neena was fine .Sara  was glad that because of Robin  her loved ones were out of trouble.Sara put their luggage in side room and made the nice food .They had evening tea together and Robin  meanwhile  asked Neena  to get ready to restart her studies as he will arrange his admission in Girls high school  little far from house.Neena  showed excitement and thanked Robin for his concern.

Soon  within few days Neena  became  a popular person in the whole big family .She was so beautiful in looks and vibrant in  life style .Everyone liked her even Helda  smiled in her company ,The youger sister of Robin  Elina  was also in same school with Neena and she idealized Neena for her approach of life and fashion and style in living and wearings .Robin's younger brother  Teddy was also inspired by her cheerful personality .

She used to laugh much and loud ,she enjoyed life and took it light  she never regret that her two years of study were wasted or back home they had to face numerous problems  .She was person who live in moment and keep eye on future.Her personality had many complexes .She belong to a poor broken family and it was fact undeniable .But she decided to be  rich and successful person who gets what ever he want and stands above from where all looks so tiny and worthless .

These were the reasons that to be center of   everybody's attention  was the first  step of her planing it gave her   an alcoholic kind of joy.She remained unsatisfied till she did not get the attention of everyone around it was insult to her.

To be continued  

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Once Upon a Time true story part four

Since that day Sara tried  to pretend  to be Robin's friend  but it is a fact that if you try to be pretend something for  long  you  become the same person you were pretending to be Sara did not realize that by the time she was getting close to Robin in actual and shared with him laughter and tears.He used to tell her stories from his childhood when his grandma was alive and he was more close to her mother she used to tell her fairy tails in which often prince would help  princess in  hard situations and she fell in love with prince and after many ups and downs finally they both live happily.

He told her that he is of reserved nature and  he met many girls in life few of which showed interest in him but he never felt any attraction for them .He was sure that some  day his heart will feel for some one and that feel came in my heart when you came and stayed here for some days .My heart said that this is the girl with whom i want to spend my whole life.Sara  said to him ;but  you  never showed any kind of interest through your behavior then ?

 It is because i knew that you will not accept me then the way you were struggling in your life and what kind of hateful  thoughts you were having for men i was aware of them .I knew that there were rich boys who proposed  you if you wanted easy luxurious life you could say yes to them but you chose to stay by your own and i respect your way of thinking.Knowing all this made me to approach and convince your mom because i knew only she could help me and see God answered my prayers and here you are front of me.Robin said with deep sense of peace and joy .

Sara shared with him her childhood memories too when she was very aggressive and beaten the boys who tried to teased her in the way of school .She also shared the painful memories when her father used to go away and leave them alone when there was survival a huge problem and how her mom look after them during such hard situations.She also told him that her sister Neena is very pretty and has high dreams in her eyes she wants to marry with prince like boy with blue eyes and golden hair .She wants to live in a palace like home with big swimming  pool and visit the whole world .Sara expressed her best wishes for her sisters all dreams and desires.

Though  within a month  they become good friends but  Robin still  did not get any sign from Sara that they can share a bed too and therefore he  never said or did anything which upset Sara.He wanted to Sara feel same way for him and  call him from her heart.

Gradually Sara  knew the whole family and their status in house.In which the  highest was for her mother in law .Sara realized that though her mother in law say nothing to her but she does not like Sara at all  but she did  not know Why .she noticed that whole family show respect to her and follow her moods except  Robin .He loved and respected her but in a certain way mentioned to her that she should  not  be rude or hard to Sara .Sara also noticed that the eldest brother of Robin  is  very close to her mother and very cruel to her wife .She heard often  shouts of  his wife as he was beating her and the poor woman's cries.

His name  was  Doel  he was  fat black man with quite little height and redish eyes like drunk man.His wife was an orphan girl sold to Robin's uncle for little money  who bought her when she was just ten years old .Robin's mother took work from her of several servants.But burden of  work could not grabbed away her beauty which was increasing with  each day of her growth..It was her beauty that made Robin;s mom to hate her more and more and best revenge she could take was to make her bride of her ugliest son Doel.But  though it was fifteen years ago and Robin's mom was happy for her successful revenge Doel still hated her wife for her beauty .facing huge inferiority complex he used to beat his wife every day for nothing even front of guests he insulted her and beat her.

Sara  felt grave pain for  Boby the wife of  Doel.She  hated Doel so much and  on many occasions  in discussion she tried to show him his dirty truth and challenged his artificial respectable portrait in society For this Doel  forbidden Boby to get close or be frank with Sara as   could  misguide her and teach her to dis obey her respectable husband

All other family members were friendly to her including uncle John Robin's father who was a government servant and nice man with kind personality. But  Helda Robin'mom
never gave him respect what he deserved as he was a fool to her who doesn't know the value of money and status in life.

Her two younger brother and sister in law  were  nice but they would also avoid Sara if their mom doesn't want them to talk to her.
Jeena was the wife of  her brother in law younger to Robin.She was fun loving person which sometime seem wired .One day she told Sara that Cyle and she liked each other in college but cyle was so afraid that his mom doesn't like  her sons to do love marriages so he did not expressed  his feelings for Jeena  and asked the lady one who plays role as an agent between two families to make his mom agree for Jeena's proposal and this way they got each other .Jeena revealed that when Robin asked  to marry Sara Helda was completely disagreed and angry but it was Robin' s constants insistence and warning that if she will not be agree over it he will leave the home    Then she becam agree  as Robin brings good deal of money in the shape of  salary and that is what matters most  for  Helda .

.Now Sara understood the reason of the hate  she saw in the eyes of Helda..Meanwhile Sara asked Jeena that does cyle still love her like before and over it Jeena 's loud shallow laughter  echoed in the room for few moments and when she stopped there her eyes were wet.She remain silent for while as she gathering strength to speak what she want to say Then she spoke and her voice seemed coming from deep well  she  said  i would have thought that he does but  once   when i was pregnant with my  second child and during these days my younger sister came to stay and look after me ,, she stopped as she was having problem with breathing she took long breath and released as wanted to remove the heavy burden from her chest,, she added 

 ' once at midnight i got up from my sleep and  cyle was not in the room i thought he could be in bathroom i felt thirsty  got up from my bed and picked up the empty glass from table headed to the kitchen which was few steps away but when i entered the kitchen glass dropped from my hand suddenly Cyle and  my sister were standing there grabbing each other in arms and kissing,while saying this Jeena  's eyes dropped tears in her lap..She started crying madly and Sara thought it is better for her to release her stress,Oh god Jeena almost shouted how much i loved him and what he did to me it was just forth year of our marriage and he turned his back from me .Sara hugged Jeensa and tried to calm her down.once again negative feeling who were lessen due to Robin's love and care raised against men who were responsible for each pain of  woman.

One day  Sara  received a letter from her sister that her cousin is chasing Neena while she goes to school and warns her that he will kidnap her one day and make her pay for her sister's crime ,Sara  wrote to her mom to stay calm and she will do something about it soon  until Neena should not go to school she said in her letter.That night  when Robin was laying on his sofa and she was on bed Sara told whole story to Robin who listened her carefully and  gave a solution that Sara should ask her mom and sister to come here and stay with her .Robin said that he will arrange the study of  here and for them  he will  make other  two rooms  over the roof .Sara  was surprised that it will be quite burden for Robin but he said it is not a big  deal and he can do anything to make her happy.

That  night Sara could not sleep well though she was little relax that her family will be out of trouble with help of Robin but she felt little restlessness and near the sun rise she got the reason of it it was her fear of loosing Robin .But i don't love him why i am thinking this way ? she tried to erased this new kind of feeling rising inside her heart but by the time fear was getting stronger.She knew her sister was extremely beautiful and far smarter then her.But next day she wrote the letter to her mom that they should immediately leave the village and come here to stay.

to be continued