Monday, July 18, 2016

Back with my sharing

Hello dear friends ,
Hope and pray that all of you are doing fine under the blessings of dear God.

i tried to put video of this beautiful journey up to hill station but size of it was large to blogger though it was only three minutes .this hill station called Murree  and is one hour drive from capital city Islamabad

I am back from my journey to my home town and right now missing my beautiful village sooo much .

after our arrival we found that chair lift was shut down for maintain before Eid day ,we explored the lovely sights around and then looked for nice hotel to stay

My heart is enlightened with so many precious memories. Being a high hilly area there was lower temperature then here so right now we are feeling as we just got out from the room that has air conditioning.

Me  and my son made non stop pics and videos to store these amazing moments with us

An unpleasant thing that  happened is my laptop got some kind of problem.My son took it with him to check and correct it on big shop of big city.hope he will be able to send it back soon.

the building of local g.p.o looked great which is surrounded by so many hotels

Last day i visited my fellow bloggers by using my smart phone and due to thin handwriting made some kind of mistake and don't know how i found post of one of my fellow blogger on my blog .I am sorry for it because it was just by mistake.
you can see the floating clouds  within which we were crossing while walking ,it was breathless experience which snatches away the whole stress if one has and lightens your soul with peace

Back to my sharing today i am sharing with you our fun visit to hill station where we visited before Eid because after Eid day place becomes so crowded with which I don't feel comfortable .

behind my son these are the representative of four provincial culture on right side and the most famous poet of our country and even Asia Mr Iqbal  on the back

best thing was about these visit was that i had my eldest son along for 14 days and felt much happier as complete family.hope you will like it.

we selected  this hotel from where the view was mesmerizing  though its entrance  was in the market due to fog i was unable to capture the view through window  

in the morning we were ready to explore more beauty of the hill station ,i have few short videos which were quite fun to share but sorry that without my son's help i am unable to minimize and post them right now ,may be later  inshaallah

this beautiful safari train took us to the highest  place of this hill station and briefed about the expedition alot  

market  is  filled with people as evening starts ,things are here not much exclusive but really expensive it is almost top of  this hilly city

at night we had traditional meal  which was delicious but very expensive

due to snowfall the roofs are here different  then ours

i am giving this post through my phone so if you find mistakes in it then please forgive.
thank you so much everyone for kind visit and words .have blessed life each moment and stay positive ,keep smiling and this is possible when you learn how to spread smiles around you,God bless .

Friday, July 8, 2016

Happy Eid Day

Hello dear friends hope and pray that all is going wonderful in your blessed worlds and weather is also being friendly .

most pleasant moment when we went to village and met with our relatives and childhood friends,such gatherings are common at the lovely ocean of Eid ,we had lots of joyful moments together ,my cousin invited us at her home for lunch and cooked various delicious dishes for us which we enjoyed alongwith lots of fun talk and remembering our childhood

i am sorry for being late as in my country after  the  fasting month Ramadan we are celebrating our yearly festival  Eid .and on this ocean government announces three holidays to let people be together and celebrate the happiness of this traditional event  and enjoy the joyful environment of life.

My son joined us which made this day even precious for us ,sitting in front yard they are enjoying the view of valley of my village 

I am so grateful for your kind visits and sweet words and feel so blessed to have you all with me in this amazing world of blogging .

 delicious dishes with lots of love and kindness which made my eyes wet as i missed my parents so much 

today i am sharing with you my pics of the Eid day when we returned to village to be with our loved ones on this special day and had lots of fun . 

                                      My  niece  wore  a  pretty dress and looked so beautiful 

                                       My tow  nieces in their Eid dresses 

                                       Soooo cute daughter of my cousin in the dress which i gifted to her on this ocean 

                                   I wore the dress which my son bought me as a Eid  present ,       

we sat on the ground as it is one of the traditional way of eating on such oceans 

     this picture actually belongs to our exciting visit  to a hill station but his lovely smile made me to share along Eid  pics ,we visited there before one day from Eid day,i will share other pics later inshallah

                                 My youngest   one enjoyed  each moment of this visit                                                
                                My  elder  son loved that visit and  enjoyed  in his naughty way 

dear friends  we are about to return to our city because i have to rejoin my school on 18th july and for this we have to sit on train on 15th which will make us get back to our city on 16th and then i will stick back to my routine life and surely be able to visit your blogs regularly inshaallah ,till then please take great care of yourselves and stay happy ,God bless you all.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Visit to Taxila museum

Hey friends  hope and pray  that each of you is having blessed time and enjoying  the summer vacations with family.

Today we moved in to the city  from my beautiful village .My heart is little sad because i was really happy in my home town and meeting all my old friends and relatives was such a Pleasure for me but what to do as present days are turning into past in a very fast way and we have to make our kids visit all their favorite places in the city too.

Today i am sharing photos of our visit to the Taxila Museum which is  half hour away from my home town.It is the place which displays the culture of Gandhara art.which was alive and active 3 B,C .It also reveals the sculpture evaluation of that time. 

Main entrance of museum

lovely gardens attached to the museum

entrance of the main building 

swings for kids to enjoy their time

Head of Budha 's statue 

budhawho left the palace and spend his life in the search of the Truth of Life ,his message was love and peace 

in this map you can see the whole area of that old civilization and river which crosses my village 

things that were used in the process of worship that time 

pots for water usage of 3 B.C
a model statue to display the ancient jewelry 

isn't this beautiful jewelry so elegant   

later we spend some time in the gorgeous garden of museum and had refreshment which included seasonal fruits

dear friends i am so thankful for  your kind positive response  and wishing you best of luck for your each step ahead ,take great care and have blessed pleasant life amen.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Stay n Village

Hello dear friends hope and pray that all is going amazing  in your beautiful worlds .hope weather is also in favorable conditions .
I am enjoying my vacations in my beautiful village where my stay is remained one week only .Everyday i am meeting with old friends and visiting them who are far and are unaware of my arrival.Inspite of all missing soo much visiting your beautiful blogs and sharings .sending you best wishes for your each dream and desires friends .See you soon till then please take good care of yourself and have blessed time all the time.

                    While standing in our front yard i can see this lovely view of village below          

Next day of my arrival it rained which made the whole valley more adorable 

My sons enjoyed  this weather  they celebrate their freedom in village's environment 

My niece  enjoyed the rain as it reduced the affect of Ramadan fasting 

My brother's wife  she had  a fast too 

we don't fast but rain was desire to have pleasant time 

Visited my mom's grave and recited there holy verses 

same noon we went to take some swim in remaining part of stream on which the dam is built now  

In my youth this was very wide and fast flowing stream  and so deep too so many precious memories about our childhood adventures here 

Thank you dear friends for taking your precious time and visiting my blog God bless you all.