Friday, March 24, 2017

My Son Visited Home!!!

Hello dear friends,

Hope and pray that weather in your area is taking pleasant turns and Spring is stepping down into your lovely gardens!

I    am  giving   short   and   quick   post   today   because    i   was   and   am   quite  busy  with  some  pleasant   chores   as   cooking  for  my   eldest  son  and   talking  to   him  lot   and   lot   who   came  last   Saturday  morning   and  will   leave  on   Saturday  night   again .

He  has   come   after   almost   a   year  [as  he  joined  us  in  summers  in  Islamabad  directly  from  Karachi  and   left  also  from  there]

We   are   so   Happy   to   have   him   with  us  and  as  mother   i  trying  my  best   to   make   him   FEEL   AT   HOME .

Since  we  bought  new  dining  table  i   missed  each   day  while  sitting  here   .and  i   am   happy   that   for   week   at  least   we   ate   over   it   as   a  Complete   Family !

                                                 sky  is  grey  often  but  no  pouring 

                          Last  afternoon  when  sun  tried  to  break  out  of  clouds,My  neem  tree  started  smiling again!

                    Little  garden  seems  so   happy   to  have   my   baba   at   home !

                                      This  is  for  all  of  you  friends from  my  heart,my  garden!

See   you   soon  fellows. Please   take   care  ,stay  blessed  with  Hope  and  positive  attitude as  this  is  the  only  thing   that  can  turn  all   negative   into  BLESSINGS  that   come  to   you.
God  Bless  You   All! 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Seed of Hope

Hello  dear  friends!

Hope  and  pray  that  you   are  doing  fine  and  grabbing  joy  of  yours  from each  moment that  is  passing  by  swiftly .

Today  little  MORE  busy  and little  more  tired [will share later in detail] so  leaving  you  with  a tiny  piece  of  poetry that sprang up in my head[which doesn not seem much into poetic state now days though] lately .

Look   at   me ,i  want   you  to  smile

 know you  will,  though  take  while

Be  strong  and  change  the  creed 
That  is  hope,  that  all you need

Though    withered  rose, seems in pain
Will be  back,  regrow  again

Song  of  bird  will  be  full  of   joy
If  you  want ,  i  will  let  you  cry

Let  the  rain ,wash  away  dust 
Let  the  melt,  upper  dead  crust 

Your  soul  like  fertile  soil 
Glow  and  bloom like  refreshing smile

Your  heart,  is  home  of  love 
Where  lives,  faith  in  each  nerve 

From  this  faith comes  seed  of  hope!
Let  it  grow and  give  up  nope!

Stem  is  strength,  and  branches  are  peace
Leaves  are  joy, and   fruits  success 

No  storm , can  hunt  it  down  
No  autumn,  will  turn  it  brown

Keep  it  up,  with  drop  of  Pure  will 
It  will  save  you  from  being Nill

Weather is pleasant here 23c nights are even better.Light  clouds  are  floating since many days but not decided to pour yet.
Take  great  care  friends ,stay  happy ,healthy ,strong and positive each step.Have  wonderful weekend.
God  Bless  You  All!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sandwich Like

Hey  Friends,

Hope   and   Pray   that   all    of   you   are   doing   absolutely  wonderful   as  i  am  pretty   much   sure   that   you   are   utilizing   your   inner   power   of  an   fighter   to   defeat   all   negative   that   comes   to   you   and   say   with   wide   bright   smile   "see   i  knocked   you  down   miss   trouble ,you  wana  try  again ? okay  then  come  it   will   be   pleasure   to   kick   your ..... again.

Relationships   are   important  as   being   a  social  animal   we   love  to  be   tangled   in  them .

We  try  our  best  [according  to  our  capacity of  understanding]  to   keep   our   relations   with   our   family  ,relatives   and  friends   better .It   gives   us   a  sense   of   pleasure   and  achievement  that  how  nicely  we  run  our  small  world  of  emotions.

Sometime   inspite  of  all  effort  things  go  wrong  and  misunderstandings  take  place   between   tow  people  or  families. It   is   unpleasant  and  painful   specially   when  both    people   have  to  encounter  and  ignore  each  other on  special   family  events  and  gatherings. 

But  it  is  more  difficult  for  one  who  is  mutual   friend  of  both  and   stuck   between  tow  like  a  sandwich .  Few  days   back  when  i   went   to   attend   the   wedding  ceremony  of  my  niece [hubby' brother's daughter]   i  felt  exact  like  this.  Actually   my   hubby ' two  brother   who  were  doing  joint  business   since  years   had   some  conflicts   and  separated  their  shares ,Wives   of  both  men   stop talking  to  each other  and  cut   off  their  all   relations.

I   tried  hard   to  make  them  understand  that   ladies   should   not   react  on  the  behalf  of  their  husbands  like  nuts   but  failed.

When   i  arrived  on  ceremony  as  usual  late [ here ceremony  is  celebrated at least three  days]     i  mean  last  day  when  bride  has  to leave  for groom's house  i  felt   terrible  when  both   ladies   started    talking  to  me  and  i  felt  they  hold  my  both  arms  and   pulling  me   towards  them . It   seemed   they   were  trying  to  defeat  each  other  in  this  race  of   occupation [though  i  am  not  celebrity  but  that  time  they  made  me  though] 

i  was  turning   my   neck   right  and  left   swiftly  ,trying   to   be   polite  and   nice   with  both  equally  [specially  accurate  ] as  they  were  talking  at  the   same  time  about  different  things  which  were  hard  to  fast  input  and out  for  me . their  loud   consistent    talk  gave  me  headache  that  last  for next  tow  days  after  returning .

I  want  some  suggestions  from  you  to  handle  such  situation  next  time .

Dear  Friends  take  Great  Care  ,Stay   Happy  and POSITIVE each  step  in  life.
Hugs  and  Blessings!God  Bless  You  All!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Most Important Book Of The World

Hello  Dear  Friends,

Hope  and   pray  that   you  can  hear  the  knock  of  SPRING!!!    at    your   door   now   and  are   excited  to  receive    the  warm   colorful  SMILES!!!   from   Nature   again.  As   trees   and  plants  in  our  area [Asia,Pakistan]   are  expressing  their  inner   JOYS!!!  through  buds   and   flowers   so   well .

                          Source of image GOOGLE

Time   to  take  break   from   intense  reading  era   and  get   out   to   explore   the   beauty   around  you   through   READING   the  most  important  book  THE  BOOK  of  NATURE!!!   written   by   your   Creator   so   you   can   LEARN   ,OBSERVE   and   FEEL   the    BLESSINGS    you  have  Around  you   and  Within  you.

                                 image source GOOGLE

If  we  got   an  observant  eye   and  wise   heart  we   absorb  TRUTH  by  reading  this  precious   book   that   teach   us  HOW   TO   LIVE   peacefully  without  being   harmful   for  anyone.

                                                    image  source  GOOGLE

While   surviving   you  fulfill   all   your   BASIC   NEEDS  but   don't   exploit   others   JUST    FOR   THE   SAKE   OF   YOUR   LUXURY   OR   FALSE   PLEASURE.  

                              image  source  google

BALANCE    is    KEY   to   a   peaceful   ,   healthy  and   happy   life. This   lesson   comes   from  the   sky  when   we   look   at   it   in   the   night. 

                              image source google

 How   wise   that   our   Creator     displays   this   before  our  eyes  when  we   lay   down   for   rest   and   are   free   to   ponder   upon   this  most   HUGE  , MARVELOUS    ,ORGANIZED    and  CONSISTENT     system   of   this      whole   universe .

                                image source google

Through   pondering   upon  it  we   can   learn  that  Balance  means  here  is  "JUSTICE "  in    our  lives  whether  individual  or   social  .If    we    apply   justice   in  EACH   SINGLE   PART   of     our   life    All   will   go   SMOOTHLY   but   when   we   ignore   this     lesson   or   law   of   nature   things    get   disturbance   and   worse    as    we   can   see    in   the   world   of  today .

                                       image  source  google 

All   sufferings  of  an  individual  man  and   all   men   are   due  to  ignoring   the   lessons   of   nature   and  running  after   false  pleasures   which   can  be  fun   though  but   not  peace  of   mind  and  serenity   of  soul.

Okay   dear   friends  time  to  signing  off  for  now  and  preparing  lunch  as  hubby   and  kids  are  about  to  get  back .

weather  is  so  pleasant with  breeze  and  flowers around ,25 C  12 pm .
Take  great  care  ,stay  safe  ,positive and happy .God  Bless  You  All!