Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Finally We Met

Hey friends hope and pray that all is going fine and smooth in your beautiful worlds .

Sorry for late post as i was very busy plus Happy a my son visited us though just for three days and two nights but it was a Huge pleasure to see him after long time and for that i am so much grateful to my dear God who blessed us for each other's company for while.

He arrived home on Friday morning at 7 am. Due to monthly tests were being done so i did not take leave from school in my country Friday is half working day so i was back at 1 pm,and after that time ran pretty fast .I tried to spend all time with my son during these two days though meanwhile  he had few online meetings too as he does free lancing after his office .It  stole almost two hours from this precious time of mine.

We  spend most of time talking about his loneliness in another city i advised him to higher a chief as he does not cook himself and eats three times a day from hotel which is not healthy he said he will think about it after returning from abroad completing masters.

When i asked him to get marry as i want someone to be with him to take care of him but he laughed aloud and said that he wants to achieve something in life ,as after masters he has intentions to start his own software company.Then he wants to visit the glob to learn and explore more.After it he will think about it in case if he find a right person.

Being a mother i am satisfied with his all decisions and my heartiest prayers are with him that may God make his all dreams come true and may God make everybody's positive dreams come true amen.

Now sharing with you few pics and a video of my son hope you guys will like his song i just loved it.

Thank you for taking your precious time and reading me have a Blessed day everyone,God Bless You All.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

It Was Him Who Saved My Life That Day

Hello dear friends ,hope and heartiest pray that all is going fine in you lovely worlds .Here in my country temperature approached above forty ,when on returning time my hubby come to take me home from school which is almost fifteen minutes away from our home sun seem to shower its anger but hey its' life which is precious in all it's situations.In sweat  surrounded by warm burning  air i still enjoy my sense of breathing because i know it's all about just Breathing ,once it stop the game is over .

I know you will say i am so greedy ,yes i am sooo greedy for feeling Alive.I love it because it is short unpredictable and amazing.For loving life as much i have countless reasons and on of them i am sharing with you guys today.

I  am missing my eldest son  so much now a days as its been almost  a year that he did not visit us.Most  of my time i think about him watch his videos and photos with my wet eyes whenever i get time.Most memorable incident which makes my body shivering is when  me and my hubby went to watch a movie along my eldest son who was two and a half year old then.It was our first visit to that certain building where and we did not know about it's structure much.On the third floor in balcony i was waiting for my hubby who went to get some refreshment as we reached little early there.

My son started to cry and to make him quiet i  hold him in my arms and put outside the balcony which's floor was attached to the fence made up of cement as the whole building was covered with this cement fence.When my son stopped crying i grabbed him from there and walked ahead towards next balcony ,my son  again started crying and i again put him across the balcony on the floor.

It happened again after few minutes when i walked further towards next balcony my son again started crying and i again hold him in my hands and tried to put him floor next to the balcony it must be attached with cement fence  front of it ,Strangely i was not able to see the floor i just knew that it is there but inspite of this surety my hands did not leave my son and i felt that unconsciously something pushed me ahead to see and make sure that there is solid ground where i am going to leave my son and will you believe that there was no floor.

IN my hands my son was hanging from third floor and down was ground which seemed an huge enemy that day , if i would have left  him that day i would have kill my own son  in effort to make him happy For while i was breathless but then next moment i pulled him back and huged him like never before .After that accident i was in shock for many months and still each drop of my blood seem to be so dimmed when i think about it .

I love him who blessed me that day with the sixth sense which saved my life yes my own life .

thank you for your kind visit and woeds dear friends ,god bless you all ,have a Blessed life always.    

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Strange Love Story

Once upon a time in my village lived two rich families .They belonged  to two different  casts yet they were fast friends .Especially  men of both families were famous for their grave and true friendship. In  those days love ,loyalty  and friendship were greatly valued and respected.

Whenever one of these family suffered with any kind of difficulty or enmity the other family always stood beside them to face it and defeat it.As i told you my village was very small and it was the time when i was in my early teens ,then my village had hardly forty houses.One of the man who was  may be twenty plus then was very famous for his charming looks.Though he had wife and kids but still he was aware of his ability to impress women which made him quite proud and show off  kind of person.

He was flirt and her modest wife had to listen and bear it silently as women of that time were mostly unaware of their rights and self respect. Inspite of this that he was a flirt guy he always showed respect for the women of that other family which's men were his close friend.And for this he was more respected by them.

Once in a marriage ceremony when men of both family were dancing  on a traditional local song beat and women of village were watching them from above the roofs one lady from the other family dropped a handkerchief  over him with name written on it by beautiful needle work .Suddenly men stopped dancing and all wondered that who threw it.Anyway making long story short soon news was spread that the lady belonged to the other family.

Though it was the fault of that lady but men of that family suddenly became worse enemy to that man .They  gathered and decided to teach him lesson and as result one night they beat him so badly and warned to stay away from their woman who was also married and has three kids.He  tried to convince them that he is  innocent but invain.

That lady was very bold and confident in her decision as three times she left her home ,husband and children and ran to  that  man asked him to accept her as his life partner as she will leave everything just for the sake of being with him and in all three times that man brought her back and left her to her family and home.

The men of that lady's family often tried to kill her but her husband always took her side and said that she is not enough smart to make wise decision and she is mother of my kids so you don't have right to harm her it should be my decision only what to do about her.Later that man became drug edict and died after few years ,the wife of that man after who the lady was crazy also died within few years ,They both live in same village people told their story to eachother hundreds of time.Man don't like to talk about it but that lady was never shy to acknowledged her submission to his lover.

A incident which reminded me that story happened few days ago when in my in laws a husband beat his wife badly and her fault was only that she sat on bike with his brother in law in some kind of emergency which made his husband mad.

Dear friends thank you all of you for kind visits and words ,this post was written on sundy evening but there was some kind of mishap which blocked it .Have blessed p[leasant day guys .God bless you all.