Friday, March 16, 2018

Early Spring blooms photos of my small Garden

Hey  Dear  Friends!

Hope  and  pray  that  thick  dark  cover  is  piercing  at  the  sky  above  you! 

  and  silvery  sun  rays   are  showering  golden  hopes  of  SPRING   all  around !!!

Seasons  are  like  various   shades  of  human  life  and   make  us  feel  the  beauty  that  variety   of   them  brings  to  us :)

After  the  grey  gloomy   ,snowy  and  stormy  weather  finally   Season  of  healing   and  warmth  is  about  to  glorify   your  world :)

Here  Spring  is  sprinkling   it's  delightful   colours  around  smoothly  and  gorgeously!

Sharing  with  you  some  glimpse  of  front  yard  blooms though  due  to  recent  construction  work  in  the  house  more  than  two  months  i  was  not  hopping  for  bloomed  garden  but  God  answered   my  prayers  and  showed  me  his  grace  in  this  spring  of  2018   too!

Entering  from  main gate  give  this  view  of  veranda  in front, small garden and  kitchen ,main bathroom and guestroom on right ,lenses are not powerful enough  to  show  you  flowers  with  detail 

From  the  veranda  door  front  yard  looks  like  this ,through  the  fence  of  veranda  we  absorb  the  beauty  of  our  small  garden  which  is  most  precious  part   of  house  to  us

                Closer   view  of  garden  which  have  started  to  have  it's  colours  back

                                                flower  pot  near  the  veranda  door

          pomegranate  tree also be absolutely dry in winter ,now getting it's fresh leaves back

Our  beautiful climber has started to  spread it's  lashing  arms  widely 

                       Near  the  veranda  outside the fence  another flower  pot  smiled  in PINK!

                                      Such   a  JOYFUL smiles  of  nature  in my garden

           Sunflowers  were  so  distracted  but  still  they  are  trying  their  best  to  show  up

 Strawberries   above  are  gift  from  family  friend  who  came  to  invited  us  for  wedding of  their  son
                     Spring  evenings   we  often  enjoy  with  delicious  cakes

                                     Red  bloom  which  seems  not  much  healthier though

              My  much  favorite  daisies ,pure  delight  and  give  me  thought  of  true  love!

Photo after  sunset  is  taken  by  my  youngest son at  the  roof  

wanted  to  share  some  more  flowers  images  from  our  recent  visit  to  Sukkur  city  which  i  forgot  to  share  in  earlier  post 

Life  is  beautiful  in  each  season  when  you  have  someone  to  share  your  joys  and  sorrows!!!

                                           taken  from vehicle  window  of  river Indus

                                           River  indus  view  from  park  beside

Lovely  people  i  am  not  well  ,having  fever  right  now  yet  will  try  my  best  to  do  my  fav  job  (reading  your  sharings :)

Got  two  wedding  invitations from  close  family  members  so  compelled  to  attend  the  ceremonies  at  least  for  one  last  day so  wish  me  luck .

Take  great  care  of  your  lovely  beings  and  enjoy  the  luxury  of  breathing  ,trust  me  this   is  extremely  SHORT  and  UNBELIEVABLY   UNPREDICTABLE  so 


God  Bless  You  All!!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Will you wear This ?

We  all   have   tons  of  wishes  loaded  in  our little  canoe  of  heart .

Acting  through  the  show  of  life  we  want  to  hide  ourselves  sometime  out  of  fear  ,  joy,  thrill  ,excitement ,anger  , frustration or  just  to  exploration  .

Did  this  happen  to  you  either ?  

Was  there  any  time  when  you  wished  for  being  INVISIBLE  and  do  whatever  you  want.

Being  Human  i  have  all  normal  wishes  for   my  life .

But  being  woman of  east  ask  me  keep  in  boundaries  which  society  has  set  for  me .

From  my teenage   to  until  now  (how bad)  i  want  to  wear  a  magic  cap  about  which  i  used  to  hear  in  our  folk  stories  from  grandma  .A magic  cap  that   can  make  me  invisible  so  i  can  run  on  long  lashing  hilly  roads  like  a  butterfly .

Dance  like  a  mad  with  no  fear   of  any  dirty  look  or  remark.

Run  door  to  door  and  peek    inside  the  house  of  elderly  or  poor  who  may  need  my  help .Yes  i  will  steal  all  the  money  from  leaches ( politicians, businessmen)   of  society  and  will drop  to  the  poor's  home  so  they  can  eat  ,wear and live  properly .

Do   you  want  to  wear  the  magic  cap  and  be  invisible?

What  makes  or  made  you  wish  for  this?

Take  good  care  sweet  people  and  stay   strong  ,positive  and  happy.

God  Bless  You  All!!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

A Happy Woman's Day Post! (re post from 2011)

hi i am woman

i am grateful to my creator who made me woman because i think i belong to the unique part of the gender .though in today's modern world women have learnt the methods of survival,but it is still long way to go to feel safe existence here.

it is proven that being woman is not easy job,especially when you live in under developing country.some time i think in the picture of the world i find woman incomparable artistic part of it. a part which relates the all other parts together and gives meaning for existence to each thing.

may be ,making woman physically weaker then man was for giving meaning to her presence according to her creative personalty and smooth nature.

but it became a reason for consistently being hurt by opposite is painful fact of the world and there are so many voices and efforts to make it stop but lets be realistic that its not possible,because in spite of all civilization and world acts according Darwin 's law where each who has power eat or crush the weaker.
even woman release their anger on their children, although we know that no one can love a child then his own mother.

i feel sorry for women in rural areas ,who come in world with the will of god but live here by the rules of men of the house.they dont feel life, they just breath , obey and spend all wonderful seasons of the life in the prison created by men.i just think in their last breath is their any pleasant moment come in their memory when they felt free as individual.

being a woman i also gave up my many dream for going out and having an independent life,yes you can call me coward ,but struggle of out going women puts so many complications in here and i am not enough brave or smart to handle them.but i still have desire that i can go out when ever my mood is ,so i can sit where ever i want and have a look of surroundings or sceneries ,write and paint or chat with friends.i want to do this just like men do it like they own the world so do i ,before leaving this beautiful world i want to have a look of it without having any cover on my eyes.
let me share the secret that in my friends,relatives and ex coworkers i was most bore person in the whole world.from my teens i used to beat boys who seemed bit over to me,so according to my all boy cousins i was not even girl.this attitude of them was pleasure for me.when i grew up i was surprised that girls gave boys so much importance and try to interact.i broke up with my very good friend who was seriously in love with a boy and often went to meet him after school.
latter we became friends when i decided to take it her personal matter.

i am not enemy of men but it is true that i consider man woman equal ,attraction towards each other is a normal thing but when they are front of each other attention should not be for external looks but for nice character or good act by them.

but in-spite of all problems i am proud of my self that i feel the importance of my existence and enjoy it ,try to do all my duties with all my dignity and raising a healthy brains in my home. it is very hard to find time for blogging and some time it fears me that what if i wrote rubbish or much heavy to digest, but thank god that it is going smooth friend bear me with all my weaknesses and remember me in your prayers.thanks for reading and god bless you all.

Dear  Fellows this is repost  from 2011 as  as  i  liked to  share  what  i  think as  woman of this  so  called  modern world  since  i was so  young .

kindly  read  and let  me know  what  you think about  this!

Best  wishes  for all  of  you  dears!!!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Sukkur City Visit (just to change the view)

Hello  Precious  Friends!

Hope  and  pray   that   sky  above  your  head  has  started   getting  it's  original  colour  back   and  land  laid   under   your  feet   is  changing  her  colours  too.

Yes  this  is  SPRING  knocking  at   your  door!

Please  open  your  arms  wide   to  give  this  lovely   friend  a  tight   HUG!!!

Spring  is  always  something  special  to  me .

This  is  the  season  when  i  feel   smile  playing  on  my  lips  without  no  reason ,just  looking  around  and  realizing  the  blessings  showering  upon  make   my  breathing  so   light  so  smooth  ,so  happy   ,so   serene  and  so   grateful!!!

So   i   smile  i  sing  and  feel  myself  dipped   in  the  deep  ocean  of   Gratitude  and   joy  beyond  definition!

Day   before  yesterday  Hubby  decided  to  take  us  Sukkur  city  which  is  almost  40  minutes  drive  from  our  small  town  like  city.

He  thought  we  been  stuck  in  work  being  done  in  house  for  more  than  2  months  so  just  to  change  the  view  we  went  to  Sukker  which  is  an  old  city  of  our  Sindh  province  in Pakistan.City lays western side of indus river   which  belong  to  one  of  the   oldest   civilization  of  this  world.

Sharing some photos which  i  took  and  some which  i took  from  google  image just  to  give  you  a  clearer  view  of  place 

                                                                       Rohri  bridge  sukkur (image google)

Sukkur  park  (image google)

                                  Sukkur  clock tower (image google)

                  Sukkur  water park   (image google)

                                             This   is   Lloyd   berridge  (image google)

Each time to get in sukkur  city  we have to cross this bridge though another parallel bridge has been made to reduce the load of traffic from old bridge 

Now  photos which  i  took  while  walking  in  the city 

when we reached in park it was crowded with school kids who came to picnic before final exams in end of the march 

                   girls students were very less than boys 

   children were playing when we came and after half hour when we were leaving they were having lunch provided by school management

Boats  were roaming in the river and people were enjoying the ride ,i  ride less in boat (yes phobia along with many others:)

 took the photo of monument tower which was under reformation 

these kids were playing in the street ,one of them was too shy to be in photo so sat down

   Date shop where one can find all species of   yummy dates.dates of this sindh province are exported to all over the country and even to other countries  

we  visited another park of the city situated in the heart of city 

Gave our  feet  some  rest among  the so many  flowers flourishing in various designs 

   these flowers were arranged   in the   shape  of  ship 

                   those  one were designed as  bouquet 

                                closer  view  of  bouquet 

all flower  pics  are  captured  by  me  and  my  youngest  son 

       We went  to the  market  to  buy  some mats 

when  hubby  and  youngest  son went to  the  upper  story  to  pick  up  selected  ones i  took  these  shots 

we  bought  a  long  one  piece  of  mat  and  at  home  cut  it  into  four  pieces  for  each   door  so  dirt  and  dust  can  be  avoid  in  rooms  as   keeping  the  big  house  clean  is  being  tougher  part  of  my  routine .

Time  to  evening  pray  dears!

Take  great  care  i  will  be  visiting  your  lovely  places  soon ,
God   Bless  You  All!!!