Friday, August 18, 2017

Story of Eid ul Azha and visit to Local Market


     Hello   My  Precious   Fellows!

     Hope   and   pray   that    Life   is   behaving  sensibly    and   if  not   you   know   well   how 

  to   bring   on   track   as   you   been   brave   and   wise  in   most   of   your   doings   so   i   

strongly   believe   you   can   handle    all  brilliantly !

     Here   in   my   world   around   it   is   almost    celebration   time   again  . Our   homeland  's   70th   birthday    passed   some   days   ago   and    the   other   one   of   biggest  even   is   almost   her    which   is   called  The  Big   Eid  in   common  but   it's  it's   proper   name  is  Eid  UL   Azha.

It   is   event  which   muslims  celebrate   regarding   in   the   memory   of   on   of   our   prophet   who   dreamed   that   God   commanded   him   to   sacrifice    his   most    precious   thing   for   him .

When   prophet  Ibrahim   woke   up   and   told   about   his   dream   to   his   dearest   son   Ismaeel    he   asked  his  father     that   what   is   your  most   precious   thing   father   

Ibrahim   said "you"   The   son   said   then   you   must   obey   your   god   who   loves   you   more   than   you   love   me.

Ibrahim   laid   his   dear   son   on   ground   and   cut   his   throat    with    dagger    but     God   accepted   his   love   and   obedience  and   replaced   the   Ismaeel   with   a   sheep  .

On    this   special   day   muslim   sacrifice   animals   and   distribute   their   meat   among   poors    to   PLEASE   God!!!  

 Government   declare   3      holidays     .     Every   body   wear   new   clothes  ,visit   friends  and  relatives  and   go   to   favorite  picnic   places .

Preparation   starts  month   ago    though  i   do    re clean   or   you  can  say  wash   whole   house  including   doors  windows   kitchen   bathrooms   to    give  myself   a  fresh   feel   of   breathing  in  tidy   house.

We   shop   for   kids  ,clothes  ,shoes   ,watches   capes  etc   .

So   last   week   we   went   to   local   market   to  purchase  shirts   and   pants  for  kids  from   local   market  .Today   sharing   with   you  some  pics  to   give  you  glimpse   of  our  local    shops .hope   you  will    find   them   interesting   though  i  took  these  very  quickly  so most  are blurred .

beautiful fancy dress for ladies 

It  was  5pm evening so was not much rushy  ,in night it gets crowded  and one find hard to walk  

Unlike  islamabad  here mostly ladies use  a full body wear which called BURKA i only wear  scarf  only  which is long and wide  enough  to   cover 

You  can  see the stuff belong to Pakistan's birthday 

 crockery  ,toys ,ladies and kids fav place ,below too  

Water canes and water coolers  and lots of plastic stuff  for kitchen  and related to cleaning 

do you have same shops out there ?

Artificial  jewelry shop not  the higher one ,just ordinary which  i found less crowdy to take shot 

Artificial  decoration  plants  shops
Hubby in white on right with shopping bag in hand and younger son asad  in blue  ,youngest was stick with me as usual   
our  local  market  has lots  of   stuff carts  which occupy the walking path from both side ,bikes get ban when it is crowdy times specially  when  such special days  are near 

peach  on cart 

Some  selected  shirts

View of  inside  market from shop .

We  left almost 9 pm  and had only ice cream   as it was quite hot  weather and walking made us more exhausted.

That  's  all  for  now   friend!

Please   take   great   care  ,stay   positive   and  happy  to   make  your  world  vibrant   and  alive!!!

God   Bless  You   ALL!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pakistan's 70th Birthday!!!


     Hello   Dear   Friends!

   Hope   and   pray    that   all   of   you   are   having   pleasant   time   and   enjoying   your   weather's   different   moods   and   as   well   as   your   doings!

  Tomorrow    is   14th   of   August   and   national   holiday   because   Pakistani   nation   is   celebrating   the   70th   birthday   of   it's    country!

All  images  below  are taken  from  google help.

I   am  in  love  with  this  man  since   my  childhood  who   fought   for   the   freedom   of   our   nation   and   won   the   case   in   court   of Lord   MountBatten   on  14th   of  august   1947!

He  is   our   greatest   leader   and   father   of   our  nation .

It   is   his  Tomb   where  people  visit  from all over the  country  everyday  though   but   on   this   special   day   there  are   held   special  event   with  great   enthusiasm  and    sensation!!!

 In   every   national  institute  ,schools ,colleges  ,universities  and  public  places  national   events  are  celebrated  .Pic  above   shows  the  Freedom  Walk   of  ladies  on independence day

  These   were   the   three  main   ingredients  and  RULES  of   our  greatest  lead Mr  Muhammad   Ali  Jinnah    which  are   mentioned  in   each   government  building   and  educational  institutions   though   hope   people   won't   only   write   them   but   apply   them  in   their   individual   lives   to   create  better   "PAKISTAN"

This   is  Minar   e  Pakistan  which   was  built  to    commemorate    the   day   when  Pakistan  resolution   was  passed    on  23rd  march   1940 .The  place  called  Minto  park   Lahore   then.

lahore   is  capital  city   of   Pakistan  and  most   papolous  city  of   the   province .This   view  is   of  Badshahi  Mosque  Lahore  On  14th   august.Lahore  has  many   more   historical   places  regarding  Mughal  Heritage  who  ruled  subcontinent  for  several  centuries.

I   really   wish   that   inhabitants   of   this   beautiful   land   take   higher  our   flag   not   just   literally   but   in   REAL   MEANS   of   HIGHET   of   Morality   and   Virtues!

These   children   may   just   sing   only   by   their   lips   but   through   their   hearts  ,May   their   Mothers   and   Teachers   develop   the   love   of   not   only   the   land   they   live   but   love   of   people  they   live   among  .Love   of   whole    humanity   must   be   rooted   in  the   depth   of   their   souls!

                          Traditional   punjabi   Dance   on   independence   day !Dance   of   joy   and   celebration   that  come  from   within!

 Patriotism   is   inherited  in   blood   of   each  human  ,no   matter   how   tough   life   he   is   leading .Freedom   is   most   precious   gift   to   a  soul!!!!!!!!!

Love   you   my   precious   fellows .
Stay    blessed   with   true   happiness  that   comes   with   self respect  ,dignity   and   selflessness .
God   Bless   you   All!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Question

       Hello   my   precious  fellows .

        Hope   and  pray   that   you  all   are   having   wonderful   time   with   your   families   and    

              friends  and   weather   is   being   friendly   too  at   your   part  of  this  globe!

       I    am   a  person  of   time   and   world   when  almost   each   3rd  person  is  dealing  with    

             health  issues   so   do  i  .

         I   am  anemic   and  take   vitamin   supplements    since  many  years  .

       I   suffered   with   stomach   ulcer   for  14   years  unknowingly  and  when  knew  went   under

       treatment    for   3   years   and   still  taking  some  medicines   for  this.

         Unlike   my  mom  i   often  suffer  with  low  blood   pressure ( she got high)  but  never  get  any   treatment  

         for  this  until  now .
         I   feel   sick   when   i   sit   for   long  .Any   kind   of  physical     or   mental   activity   keeps

         me   feel  fit.

        I   have      quite   a   big   house  with  3  big   furnished   rooms  and  a  10  by  10   kitchen   along   with   four   bath   rooms  .

I   manage   to   keep   my   house   clean   which  is  quite  a  task  as  we  live  in  sandy   area  where

  air   keeps    bringing     lots   of   dust   during  the  day .

I   cook   and   when  kids  get   back   from   school   and  after  lunch  and  rest  start   their

 homework   i  sit   with   them  to  supervise ,   as  they  need  me  to  do  this   regularly .

   While   doing   all   this   i   feel   happy  and  biggest   feeling   that  i   get  from  all  this  is   being  "USEFUL"   for  my   family  .

    I  am   introvert   though   but   having   a  well  extended  family  of   in   laws   makes  me  to 

 give  them   occasional    visits   too   and  i  do  it  happily ,neither    of   these   responsibilities  bother  me   except  one   thing   guess   what  

  Putting   a   news   paper   for   hubby  on  dining   table   or  couch  ,  WHY?????

  Because    while   doing   it    i  feel   something    crawling  in  my   stomach .   Even   i   avoid  to   looking  at   it

   as  it  is  scorpion   or   snake   which   will  bit   me.  .

Same   situation   i   feel   when   hubby   put  a  news  channel   and   so   many  terrible   happenings   attack  on  my   nerves   through   ears  and   it  makes   me  wish  that  may  be  i  should  lost   my  auditory   ability   for  while  .

My   question   is   that  


I   believe  that   this  habit   creates  many  upsetting   harmons   to   human   brain   because  most  of  news  are   horrible   and  terrify   our   mind  with   curiosity  and  fear.

Brain  cannot   perform   in   proper   way   and  our   all   systems  including  digestive     system  specially   get   affected  by   it  which   results  in  numerous  diseases .



 Hope   you   guys  will  share  your   thoughts   over  this  so  can  find  what  you  think  or  say  about  it.

Dear   friends  signing  off while  saying  that  take  Great  Care   of  Yourself  ,Stay  Happy  and  Positive .If   you  BELIEVE  in  yourself  NOTHING   IS  STRONGER   THAN  YOU!

GOD   bless  you  all!!!




Sunday, August 6, 2017

God Is Great and Very Kind!!!


                      Hello   my   dear   friends ,

Hope   all   of   you   are    enjoying  your   life   with   positive   and   graceful   attitude .

       24    Years    back   when   i  was   expecting   my   first   child   and   according   to   our   tradition   for   the   delivery   went   to   stay   with   my   Mother   my   heart   was    bundle   of   nervousness ,anxiety  .happiness  and   fear   and   i   think   for   being   mom  first   time   these   were  normal   feelings.

When   in  7th   august   1993   in  Christine   hospital  taxila    after   surgery   i   came   into   my   senses  and    lady  doc   asked   me    that  for  which   she   should   congratulate  me   girl  or   boy  .I  answered  her   quickly  "girl"

She   said  okay  then  congratulation  you   are   a  mother   of  boy   now !

                                   1994  ,in  our   previous  house ,on  his  first  birthday!

I   smiled   to   her  but  inside   i  was   sad   because  i   wanted   a   daughter   as   i   saw    for   years   my   mom   suffering   with   rudeness   and   bad   behavior   of   my   elder   brother. 

She   used   to   cry   for   his   miserable  attitude   with   which  he  made  his  own  and  our  life   terrible   for   quite   a  time . It  is  just  me  and  my  sister  who  loved  and  cared  for   our  mother  .We    often  argue   to  sit  nearer  to  her  and  press  her  shoulders  and  legs   to   comfort   her .

                                            Islamabad  park  on   his  3rd   birthday!

But    God   tested   me  with   my   biggest    wish  a   "daughter " who   could   be   my   strength  and   friend    as   i  was   away   from   my   home   land  and    needed   a   loyal   partner   for  my   loneliness  .

When   i   took   my   little   baby   boy   in  my   arms   and   hugged   him   tight   all  my  

 fears   and   desires  disappeared  like   bubble  of   water   suddenly   and   i   felt   a   deep   

serenity   of   being  MOTHER!!!

                              on   his   8th   birthday  with  my  mom  and  his  father 

 In   coming  years     devoted   myself   to   my   son  .Each   minute   each   moment   i   stayed  close   to  him  ..Even   while   working    on  house   chores  i   kept   him  bound   to  me  all   the   time .

When   he  started    walking   and   talking   we   felt   most   happiest   couple   on   earth!

When   he  was  tow   and   half    i  started   to   teach   him  various   small   things  ,names  and   alphabets .

He   was   fast   learner  and  amazingly  mature   more   than  his  age .

When  he  got  scholarship  in Fast  University karachi ,17th  year  old 

For   ten   years   he  got   only  his   parents  as  best  friends   because   he   was  not   allowed 

  to   go   out  with   friends  as    in  our   city     environment   did   not   seem   safe      suitable   to   let   

him  out   all  by   himself . Though   in   school     his   friendship   developed   fairly  with 

 few  of   his  classmates   ,they   are   still   best   friends   though   everyone  is  stuck  in   studies   and  jobs .

My   eldest   son  while   his   teens   could    not  enjoy   life   as  my   both   younger  boys   

 can   do   now    because   meanwhile    we   started   to   buy   and   build   our   own   separate 

 house   which   was  really  expensive   process .

                         19th birthday  with  uni  friends  during trip  to  the picnic point 

Remembrance  of  that   day  still   makes   my   eyes   teary   when   my   eldest   son   had   to 

 leave  his  school   which   was  best  in the  city   but   fee   was  very  high .we   inevitably   put   

him  in   another  school   because   needed  to  decrease   the  expenditures  for  house   building   purpose .

                                                      with  university  fellows in campus ,almost 5 years back       
That   day  we   both   cried  me  and  my  son  with   tears  and  hubby   without   tears.   But    

my  dearest   Lord  turn   this  test   into   a  great   pleasant   surprise  when  because  if  my   son  would  have   not  that   school  and   study   in   common   one  he  could   have   not  get 

  scholarship   which    gave   his   career   boost   and   made   him   earn  far   better   than   all  his  other   fellows .

  He  never  this pic of his to me ,as  he knew i will first scream  and then annoy ,my  younger son stole it from his  phone .
This  huge  snake  was  real  and among his friends only he dared to hold it .I am still shivering............................. 

                                          Celebrating  the  togetherness !!!!!!!!

 In   his   teens   when   our   house   was  being   built  he   ran  with   his   father   for  all 

 works   that   were  necessary .At   home   he   helped  me   with  dusting  and  moping  .God   made  him  for   us   kind  and  true   friend .

                                               Happy   birthday  to  you  my  baba!!!
                                       May   you   be   blessed  with   long ,happy   and  healthy  life  full  with  kindness  and  love   for  your   Creator   and   all  his   creations,amen.

Tomorrow   is   his   24th    birthday  ,I   pray   with   bottom   of  my   heart   that  may   God   

bless each   child  on  earth  with   long   happy  and   healthy  life  and  then  May   he   bless   

my   child   ,children   with   long   healthy   happy  lives .May   he   fulfill  all   their   desires  that    are   good  and   turn   everything  positive   for   them,amen.

Dear   fellows   will   you   also   keep   us   in   your   prayers  because   God   hear  the  prayers   of   pure   hearts!

God   Bless  You  My   Precious   Friends!

Please  Take   Good   Care  ,Stay  positive  and  strong  with   smile  that  lasts  forever!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Photos from summer vacation 2016

              Hey   Dear   Friends!

       Hope   and   wish   that    all   of   you   are   having   wonderful   time  and   facing   all   the   challenges   of   your   day   with   bright   smile   and   courage ,  defeating   all   the   negative   energy   that   tries   to   occupy   your   beautiful   brain    to   ruin  your    joyful   mood!

That   is   like   my   wonderful   and    powerful   friends!!!

  Yesterday   i     washed   my   grains   to   make   flour  for   whole   month   and   i   think   it   caused   me   little   more   little   more   tiredness    than   normal     as   i   am   feeling   quite  dull  today  .

I   washed   and  cut    my   spinach     and  has  put  it   on   stove   to   boil   as   i   i   cannot   cook   it   only   after   just   washing .

To   grow  more  and  quickly   farmers   use   chemicals   which    cause   serious   stomach ache   and   now   i   learned   my   lesson  and   boil   it   for   at   least   20   minutes   before   cooking  .

I   still   remember   when   in   9th   grade   after   loosing  my   science   subjects   i   had   to   study   home economics   ,  there   was   written   for   vegetables   that   don't   wash   them   so   hard   as   by   doing   so   you   will   waste   it's   nutritions  . We   used   to   wash   all  veggies   twice  and  they   never   caused   any   harm  .

But  growing   population  needs    food   and   farmers   have   to   grow   more  .  So  fast   so    now   eating   is   just    about   filling   your   stomach   it   has  lost   it's   taste   and   originality   .

My   hubby   has  gone   for   his  college  and   kids   for   school   so   i   am   completely   homealone   now.   I   know   it   is   first   day   after   vacation    and  i  am  feeling   it   much   ,i   am   going   to   used   to   of   this   routine   within   some   next     days .  

Today   is   thursday  .It   is   almost   12  pm  noon   here.   Beautiful   cloudy   day .Heard   in  news   that   rains   are   all   over   the   country   .I    though    would    not  be   happy   with   the   damage  which   possible   rain  can   cause   to   date   gardens   here  .  But   i   cannot   lie   to   myself   that   my   heart   call   strively  for   the  rain .

We   are   people   of   land   where   sun   rules   boldly  most   of   the   year    so   when   clouds   cover   this   hot    burning   ball   for   while   my   soul   turn    into   a   bird    who   leaves    the   cage   of   my   lazy   body   and   fly  about   madly    over   the   magnificent   views   of   nature  ,sing  the   happy   song   under   the   kind   cool   shade   of   cloud   .

My   heart   feel   peace   and   succeed   manage   to   balance   in   physical    and   spiritual    life.
I   live   by   soul    may   be   because   i   am   lazy  . Physical     side   is   so   demanding   and   follow   blindly   the   world     obsessions   that   is   illusionary    to   me.

All    that   we   see    with   eyes   is    mortal     and   has   short   and   complex   existence .so   do   the   physical   world  the  body.

All   that   cannot   be   seen    is   immortal   and    experiences   calmer   and   serene  existence , such   as   our   SOULS. 

I   believe   that   running   madly   in  rat   race    nothing   but   stupidity ,so  i   am   though   happy   with   all   the   worldly    advancement   around   me     but    deep   inside   i   still   enjoy    living   in   a   clay   house   which    spread   captivating   scent   when   it   rains .   My   spiritual    harmony   with   nature   around   me   keeps   me   as   content   as   a   dead  man   can  be!

Saying   you   good   by   with   lots  of   best   wishes   for   your   precious   lives   and   glorious   days  my   dears! hope   you   will   have  a look  and   enjoy   some   old   photos  from  summer   vacation  visit  to  native  village

        Khanpur  Hazara dam  in   my   native  town we  spent  an  evening  there  and  it  was  so   peaceful!

          Water   has   strange   abilty   to   bring   serenity   in   soul  and   smile   on   lips!

               Abbotabad  nathyagali  .beginning  point   of   high  mountains  of  northern area

                                 This   whole   hilly   area   is   treat   to   eyes   and  spirit

                   Unforgettable  experience  ,    just   like    entrance    to  heaven

                    many   hotels  and  restaurants  in  way  as   it   is  visitor's  place

    travelllers   stop   and   peek  in   to   the   hilarious   views   below   and   chat    to   monkeys  as  you   see  many  here!

     View   from  my   village  house ,rains  are   so   often  and   kind  to   my  native   land!

                                                  my   native  village   yard ,so  many  plants  and  trees
Chickens  of  neighborhood  in  village   home

kids  of  my   nieces  in  little    sream  

Daughter   of  my  cousin  who  came  to  meet  me   then  was  showing  her  wedding  ring .

Take   great   care   precious   fellows .
God   Bless   You   All!!!