Thursday, September 21, 2017

Religious Leaders and Politicians PRODUCE terrorists FOR PERSONAL AIM

     Dear    Friends!

 Hope   and   pray   that   all   of   you   are   doing   fine   under   the   blessings   of   God  and    enjoying   your   life   with   Positive   thoughts   for   all   humanity   without   dividing   yourself   in  groups   in  the  ugly  and  hateful   name   of   race, nation  or  religion  which  is  very   painful   for   me   to   even   hear.

 I   believe   in   God    not   because   somebody   tells   me    that   there   is   one,   or   not   because   i   read     it    in   some   books      .


For   me       God    is   maker   of   this   HUGE   UNIVERSE  .  I  Believe   this,   because   my

senses    make   me   realize     that ,  Though   universe   born    through   an   accident    but   that

accident    was   created   by    some  VERY   POWERFUL   FORCE   WHO   IS   RUNNING   IT


 I    think   that  God  deserve  my   Love   more   than   my   fear  . My   love   for   God   is   natural    because   he   is   a  Giver   of   all   i   have!   .

My   love   for   his   each    single   creation   including    my   fellow   humans    is    natural   because   we   all   grow     from   one    seed   and    and   this   seed   is   called  "love   of   God"  

Why   do   i   think   this  way   because   i   am   smart   enough   to   know   that   behind   each   creation  is  only  one   fact    and   this  is   only  LOVE!

 He   made   men  equal   and    showed   him   both   paths   to   achieve  his   happiness  RIGHT

and  WRONG,    and   than   gave  him   power  of   choice  . 

Most   of   men   chose   straight   and

smooth   path   of   truth   and    humanity  .  Many    tempted   by   fake   glitter   of    lust  ,lust   of  POWER  .

Power   over   people   to   rule   and   fulfil   the  unlimited    greed    of   money  ,status    and   women.( yes In  each religion  women is  treated  as  thing,  accept  it  or  not)

Religion   were   very   first   and   easy   way   to   raise   fear   in   people    to    control   them .

Which   would    produce   the   force   of   blind   ignorant   followers   who   would   present   to   please  the   fake   God     (Religious  leaders   have   only   one   God  that   is   their  own   "advantage")

created   by   religious   leaders  .

Here   is  a   saying  "that   an  ignorant   need   no   enemy  to   destroy   him   because   he  is     BEST    ENEMY   OF   HIMSELF"

Such   ignorant   people   became  followers  of   those   religious   leaders   as   historical    facts   of
Europe   and   England   reveal   that   renaissance     had    started   to   break   the   spell  of   that

ignorance   in  15th   century  and   Educationists   tried   to   

awake   the   people   of   that   time   who   were   living   

miserably   in  the   darkness  of    ignorance .

Their   daily   life   was   captivated    by   Fear   of (fake) God   and    
 controlled   by  religious   leaders   who   poured  this   fear   

in    their   brains    so   deep   to   snatch   easily     their   

 money   and   young   girls    in   the   name   of   their  fake 

 God   just    to   calm   their   own   lust  .

Though  that   spell   broke   in  seventeenth    century    by   

revolutionary    steps   of   the   

Educationists    of   that   time   and   life   progressed   

towards   LIGHT   and     FREEDOM   FINALLY

   as   now   instead   of   Fake   God  (  THE   FEAR)     Man   himself   was   declared   a 

  center   of   universe   .According   to   new   revolutionary   ideas   man   was   born   to  BE   HAPPY!

He   was   on   earth   to   live   life   happily   and   share   this   earth   with   his   fellow   humans   lovingly!

But   how   funny   or   horrible   that    until    today    such   

ignorance   exist  ,such   ignorant    people   exist   who   deny   
to  accept   ACTUAL   REAL   GOD   who    is   visible   in   

each   inch   of   nature   and   even   in  man   himself ,  they   

trust   and   follow   the   FAKE   GOD   (ADVANTAGE  OF   RELIGIOUS   LEADERSHIP)   .

In   today's   world   we   know   that    technique   of   fighting   against   enemies  in   world   politics   is   changed   . Few 
  imposters  (   BUSINESSMEN)   who   want   to   keep  world 's   each   business   in   their   hand   

 have    bought   the   politicians   and   religious   leaders    to   
take   over   the   power .  Politicians   

are   easy   to   buy   so   do   the  religious   leaders . Through   these   two   gangs  of   evils   

businessmen     brainwash   the   desperate   ignorant   people   and   use   them   as   terrorists   to   

achieve   their   goals .  These   goals   can   be   ruining    one   

nation  with   which  may   they  are   

not   in  good   terms . Goals   can  be   to   provoke   the   civil   war   in  any   country   , creating   

the   different   crises  in    countries  to  blackmail  them  for   

personal   benefits ,  making   ground  for   weapon  sale   

through   terrorism   activities.  

To  be  continued..............


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pakistani popular Games !

       Hello  Dear  Friends!

  hope   and   pray   that  all  of   you  are  playing   Game  of  Life   

gracefully   and   with   honestly  because   as  we   know   all   that  "  Honesty   is  the Best 


Today   i   am  sharing   some   of   very   popular   games   of  my   country   which  are  though 

 mainly   played   by   our  celebrity   players  but   the   ground   from  these  shoot   grow  are   

streets  of  village   and  cities  where  each   big  player   take  his  first   step   into  the  play.

This   post  is   dedicated  to   all  my   precious   fellows  who   want  to  know  more  about  my   

homeland  ,specially  my  friend  Woody  Fairy  Who   asked  to  share  this  ,Thank  you  my  friend! 

 for  your  love   and  affection   for  my   part  of  land  same  i  have  for  your's  and  would  love  to 

 know  about  your   culture  and   traditions as  Blogging  is  all  about  SHARING  that  is  what  i  believe !

    Village  girls  used  to  play  it  and  still  they  do  though   media  has  changed  perceptions   but  basic  nature  of   kids  to  Enjoy  a  care  free  moments   still  exist (i played  this  game  lot in my childhood)

 again  girls  fav  game  in village  and  even  in  cities (used to play it too a lot in my  beautiful village  life)

     Five  little  stone ,four  on  the  ground   and   one  in  hand  to  throw  above  ,then  trying  to  pick  all four  stones  from  ground before  the  thrown  stone  comes back  and  catch  it too (played  lot ) later  ball   replaced  the  fifth  stone  

                        Catch  me  if  you  can very  popular  in  some  northern parts  of  my  country

                      Ah...lots  of   beautiful  memories  with  this  games  ,used to  play  with  my  cousins  and  friends !!!

   Another   very  interesting game  and on right  side  boys  fav  "Lattoo" means  Spiner 

                    We  play   whole  family  play this  game  in  summer  vacations

   Chess  is   also  taking   place   quickly    among  people  and  kids  specially 

                                                                pride  of  nation 

              intensity!   can  be  seen  easily  ,i   think   using  mind  is  not  a  bad  idea  ,  i  should  give it  a  try  if  i  have  one

       Hockey  is  our  national  game  though  less popular ,four  time  world cup  winner  team!

                              After  cricket  Football  is  most  popular  in Pakistan ,we  can  see  kids  playing  almost  everywhere  in  vacations  mostly 

       Cricket   is  most  popular  game  and  everybody  is  crazy   about   it  , this  pic  belong  to  world  cup  of  1992   when  pakistan  won  the  final  match .

       Children  make  their  surroundings  ground  and   play  this  game  madly !!!

                                                In  cities   they  have  ground  to  play  

  If   they   don't  have  ,they   make  roads   their  ground  ,they  know  it  is  their  RIGHT!!!

Dear   friends  this  is   quick   post  as  i  am  little   extra  busy   right  now  with   preparations  to  see  off  my  son   net   week  .He  came  last  night   to   spend   few   days   with  us  before  leaving   the  country.

I   will  be   visiting  you  hopefully  .saying  goodbye  for  now  as  it  is  1: 15  and  i  had  to   fry  fish   and  made  bread  in  lunch  ,day  is  breezy   and  beautiful  with  36   temp .

Take   great  care   dears  ,have  Blessed  peaceful  life  each  moment ,amen.
God  Bless  You  All!!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Pakistani Popular Dishes! and little talk about weather and eating habits


       Dear   Friends !

      Hope  and   pray     that    all   of   you   are    enjoying    the   ventures   of   life   and   changing   

colors   of   weather . Though    temperature    is  19   to  38  within  24   hours   now  days   still  i   

am   so   happy  that   the  utter   heat   wave  has  passed  which  was  above  50  in  june  july .

Today   i   am   going   to   share   about   Pakistani   food   which  is   famous   for  being  spicy   and  little  bit  oily   too. But   positive  about    it  is  that   physically   activities   keep   the   people  fit    and  healthy  as  people  here  in  my  home   land   are  quite   hard worker .

Being  eastern  country  Pakistan   gets   lots   of   sun   and   all   the   four   beautiful   seasons   come 
 with  all   their   excellence   and   grace. Each   season    for   atleast   2  months    with   extreme   condition   and   2 

 months  of   Pleasant   weather   before  and  after  each   extremeness .So   that   is   why   people   

are    mostly   active   and   fresh   with   their   happy   stomachs . Because    diversity  of  weather  keep   them    lively    and   depression   free  .  More   than   half   of   population    lives  in  villages  
and  experience   healthy   ways   of   life     which   are   though   tough   yet   peaceful   due   to  simplicity   they   have .

Pakistani  eat   three    meals  just  like  other   people   around  the  world   including  Evening  Tea 

 with   snacks   or   cookies   which   are     essential   for    kids   and   young   people   particularly . Mostly  food  is  eaten  as  a  gathering  of   family .

In     summer   sun   rises  almost  around  5am  and  sets  also   around  5pm.  In   winters   sun   peek   around  6   am  and   set   also  around  6   pm.

People  here   prefer   hot   meals  and  tea   is  most   popular  hot   drink   throughout  the   country . Guest   are   asked   to  be   server   cold?  or   Hot ?  and  answer   is    88%   is  hot   which   means  Tea .

Now   with   the   help   of   google   image   i   will  show   you   some   most   popular   dishes   of   my   country

  Biryani  ,daal  and dry meat pieces

      Beef   meat  balls called    (koftyy)

           Veggies    snacks

                    Gram  spicy fried

                                Most  fav dish mine on whole planet  daal rice

                        Pizza ,my kids love it

           Essential  with  each  dish     traditional   bread

            chicken  rolls

                                 Lady   finger
            Cauliflower  dish
 Mutton dish

                                                               veggies  with eggs

         Coriander ,mint  and salt   essential  with  lunch  specially

My favorite Cabbage  with peas 

Dear  Friends  there are so many  other  dishes  to share  but  time to evening  pray  and   tea  (hubby  is waiting for  tea)  

Signing off for now with lots and lots of best wishes for you ,take care and stay  positive always to turn all into miracle .God  Bless  You  All!!!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Magical Hug!!!

    Precious   Fellow  In  this  whole   world   everyone  needs  a  magical   hug   to  be   in  his   refreshing  form  again .

Please  give   this  magical  hug  to  lighten  up  the  heart  of  your  loved  ones  as  without  expression   love   seems   incomplete  and   torn. This  is my  message  for  each   family !!!

           On   the  surface,  of  stormy  sea

           We  are   floating, ,just   you  and  me

          Wind   is  strong,   and  waves  are   high

           Slight  move,   and  we  both  can  die

           Rain   is   hard , like   showering  stones

            Gust  of  cold,   piercing   my  bones

           Each   time,  with   the   lightening   spark

           Memories ..,    flash  in     dark

         Shivering   on,  the   jigging  boat

         Feeling  dragged  by  roaming   moat

         Standing    close,   yet  so  far

         Faded   by,   internal    wars

         You    are   silent,    and  i  am  still

        Fighting    against ,  our   heart's   will

       I  don't  know , that  what   you  want

       I   can    tell , my   soul   demand

      All   i   want  a  Magical    Hug

      Which   will  be , my   Flying   rug

      Look   at   me  ,you  hold  me   tight

      Darkness    will,   turn   into  bright

      Stormy   sea ,  will  be  lashing    meadow

      High   waves  will  be  waving   trees  though

     Push  of   winds   will   lap   of   mom

     In  or  out  ,both   storms  will  calm

      Our    world ,    will   be   full  of  joy

       Only  smiles,  no  place   for   cry  .

        How   did   he ,  heard  unsaid   thought

        As  i   saw ,  him changing   lot

      Overwhelmed,  by  his  next  move  

       I   just   got ,  his   hidden   love's  proof 

       Love   that  hidden   why ?, don't  know !

       Upwards   stopped  but  inwards  grow 

      Did   not  finish,   though  got   rust  

      Things   still   shine ,   under   dust  

      All   it   needed,   to  be  dusted   off

      Then   is   sen   it's   rising   graf  

    Words   got   lost   though  heart   talk

     Never   gave   up   silent    knock 

      Which   was   heard   by   him   finally  

      And   he   opened   door   happily  

     Door   of    ego's   shallow   scary   cage  

     Birds   of   hearts   flew  with   the   grace  

      Souls   were   serene   after   long   tug  

      Middle   of   storm   i  got   my  magical  hug!


Hugs  and   lots  of  love  ,best  wishes  and  prays  for  all  of  you my  dear  friends.
Take  great  care  God  Bless  you   all!!!